About Us

Timber4learning is a family run business who takes great pride in the resources we supply.

We believe that outdoor play is the fundamental part for children to grow and learn. They can have the opportunity to engage in physical play whilst embracing the goodness that outdoors provides.

Over recent years today’s childhood has become technologically intensive. Children are spending most of their free time sat in front of a screen.

Every product is handcrafted and is as special as our last.

WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE by providing high quality outdoor timber resources that encourage children to use there imagination, develop skills, explore & have FUN.

Our natural timber approach will stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity more than the traditional play materials. This may also help children to connect with nature.

We are based in Glasgow and love the opportunity to collaborate with our clients, turning ideas to Reality.

As we are continually building our product range, we will try to stand out from the rest with our own identity. Hopefully when people see our work they will know it was built by Timber4Learning.

​We offer an installation service for larger products when required but most of our Products are delivered FULLY ASSEMBLED and we deliver all over the UK!

Our easy to use website allows you to browse our range of products & order with a few simple steps.